Bamna Dadashzadeh is a Zurich-based researcher, designer, and project manager on a quest to navigate uncertainty. 

Her anticipatory work started by investigating design requirements for relationship-building between humans and social robots in 2018, where she identified risks of bias implementation in robotics and co-created the Museum of The Future. 

At the intersection of research, mediation and creation, she joined future-driven think tanks and social startups where she collaborated with economists, scientists, and artists and translated research into tangible experiences and strategies. 

She aims to imagine worlds beyond the status quo and make novelty accessible, playful, and multisensory.  

Bridging theory with practice, she designs services, products, and frameworks that are resilient to the challenges of the future.

Her questions are driven by curiosity.
Her practices are driven by joy. 

©2023 Bamna Dadashzadeh
©2023 Bamna Dadashzadeh