«My thoughts have escaped the prison of my mind. Tired from flying around, they took a break on paper but fell asleep ever since. Now that they are calm, I can read them to you.» Ra’ana


Ra’ana has appeared in the author’s life and expresses her perspective through poetry. Using narration as a method to rethink emotions linked to societal boundaries and limitations, womanhood, culture, mental health, love, and loss, she discloses her «untold stories» in a vulnerable, yet courageous manner.

The poetry is read in live performances to allow the content to be expressed with natural, performative inconsistencies, which emphasize the idea of thoughts and emotions being transformative and ephemeral, yet valid in the moment.

Mood swings, nervousness, change of voice, and spontaneous adaptation of the wording during the performance empower the narrator to embrace imperfection to connect with the audience.

The performances are scenographic and sonic explorations of emotional, cognitive, and linguistic intimacy. Eventually, they are an unfolding ode to vulnerability.

Although centered around the poems, the project is an invitation into a world of stories and blurs the lines between personification of phenomena and the identities of existing and fictional characters to broaden the range of expressive freedom and question the concept of representation, identity, and the sense of the self.

Visitors are invited to dive into a world of words and be immersed in the ephemeral moment of an intimate listening session as well as in the safe space of an efflorescent scenographic setting.

©2023 Bamna Dadashzadeh
©2023 Bamna Dadashzadeh