Chaos Cuisine is a gamified culinary experience that imitates interdependencies of a “micro-society” and requires collaboration to reach the goals of the game.

In this experience, each individual shares their preferred chocolate recipe and choses a base (milk, white, dark) and toppings. 

Then this chocolate will be made by other participants in the group. Nobody is making their own chocolate. 

However, each person within a group has a role to play. The box in front of you is a toolkit prototype. Each egg contains the necessary tools for each role of the game. During a workshop, each egg is melted into the provided cups to start the game. 

These workshops provide frameworks to explore, excercise, and expand collaborative skills — individually, in teams, and as a micro-society (all teams together). 

Tasks, challenges, guidelines, and limitations aim to tackle some of the most relevant, yet intangible influencers for better collaboration: 

  • trust
  • responsibility
  • responsiveness
  • becoming better observers
  • practicing patience
  • managing ressources & skills
  • dealing with uncertainty
  • practicing consent & alignment

©2023 Bamna Dadashzadeh
©2023 Bamna Dadashzadeh